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GETTING IN POSITION Proper positioning and latch-on are essential for successful breastfeeding. There are different “holds” and styles you can use when breastfeeding. Whichever you’re using, you want your baby to be in the proper position for feeding. Guidelines for proper positioning • You and your baby are chest-to-chest • Your baby’s ear, shoulder, and hip are in a straight line

• Your baby’s body is close and curved inward • Your baby’s head is supported from the base


Laid-back breastfeeding lets the baby lead and you’re in a leaned-back position that’s comfortable for you both. When you follow your baby’s lead, it helps your—and your baby’s—natural instincts. This position may help your baby to get a better latch and help you relax too. Make yourself comfortable while you’re at it. Lean back with good support for your head, shoulders, and arms. • Let your baby snuggle into your chest. Gravity will help them stay close. • Let your baby’s cheek rest close to your breast. Your baby may start squirming and bobbing their head toward your nipple. • Support your baby’s neck and shoulders with one hand and their hips with the other. • Follow your baby’s lead. When you see their chin hit your breast, you may see them open their mouth and latch on. • Stay calm and relaxed as your baby seeks your breast. Allow them to follow their instincts.






Your Guide to Postpartum and Newborn Care

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