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Baby’s Warning Signs

Even experienced parents may feel worried as they adjust to a new baby’s habits, needs, and personality. If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call your baby’s health care provider.

• Has blue lip color • Has difficulty breathing or turning blue

Call 911 if your baby:

Contact your health care provider if your baby has any of these signs or symptoms:

• Temperature below 97.5˚F or above 100.4˚F • Yellowing of the skin or eyes • Eating poorly or refusing to eat • Repeated vomiting • No wet diaper for 12 hours • No stool for 48 hours • Low energy or hard to wake up • Changes in typical behavior

• An unusual or high-pitched cry • An uncommon or severe rash • Patches of white found in your baby’s mouth • Redness, drainage or foul odor from the umbilical cord • Frequent bowel movements with excess fluid, mucus or unusually foul odor • Signs of dehydration: ¬ Dry or cracked lips ¬ Dry skin ¬ Dry or rough tongue ¬ Increased sleepiness or irritability

My baby’s health care provider:

Urgent Care closest to me:

Hospital closest to me:


Your Guide to Postpartum and Newborn Care

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